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Everybody is talking about green coffee bean extract but very few people know why it helps with weight loss. Some might choose to take it for granted but there are still people that have questions about it.

The hype was driven by Doctor Oz’s take on green coffee (https://greencoffeebeansaustralia.org/). According to Oz, the substance is much more effective than caffeine, a chemical that is present in almost all weight loss supplements. The active ingredients that help with weight loss are actually destroyed when the beans are roasted. All the substances that help the body lose weight are present in the natural form of coffee. The extract itself does not contain caffeine.

gcb-1Looking at the effectiveness of the supplement, its fat burning properties were documented in multiple researches but also on a televised experiment. 100 people participated in the study and half of them were given a placebo and the other half received the real product. After two weeks, the group that received the green bean supplement (https://greencoffeebeansaustralia.org/pure-green-bean-coffee-extract/) managed to lose 81 pounds in total. That is around 1 pound per week per individual. None of the participants changed their diet or eating habits.

The results of the experiment proved that the substance is not only a placebo. It can help burn fat and despite its positive results, the full potential of green coffee bean is unleashed if the diet is controlled. Individuals with weight problems tend to have a careless attitude towards what they eat and thus consume more calories than they need. Even under these circumstances, the supplement was able to prevent weight gain and actually reverse it. If a proper diet is followed, the weight loss potential increases exponentially. The experiment itself brought even more attention over the product and more and more success stories are being heard every single day over the internet.

Multagri is a Specific Support Action undertaken within the 6th Framework Research Programme of the European Commission. With a partnership of 26 research organisations from 15 countries this project will provide a comprehensive overview of existing research, particularly in Europe, on different aspects of the multifunctionality of agriculture.

The essential approach adopted in this initiative is based on the premise that the multifunctional character of agriculture must be acknowledged and promoted in order for agriculture to become sustainable (and fulfil its potential as a central pillar of sustainable development).

A long term goal : an european model of agriculture

The EU has ratified a European Model of Agriculture that is evolving towards this new multifunctional, sustainable, paradigm. Citizens acknowledge the importance of agriculture as a provider of non-agricultural related goods and services. It is now necessary to examine, and more precisely define, the multiple roles and functions of agriculture (i.e. its multifunctional character), the suitable parameters and indicators to assess them, and the (private and public) goods and services that it provides.
For agriculture to play an effective role in securing better social, environmental and economic conditions for sustainable development, a broader approach to multifunctional and sustainable agriculture, and the role they play in wider rural development, needs to be developed.

A method to contribute to European research goals

Although the notion of multifunctionality only recently appeared on international political agendas, numerous social, cultural, technical and research practices have already referred to it, either explicitly or implicitly. Thus the concept of multifunctionality is already embedded in a broad range of research approaches, scientific disciplines and social practices. In some areas there is a long established body of work on such practices. It is important to structure, assess and interpret this research work within a global framework of multifunctionality and sustainable agricultural development. This will enable the identification of relevant questions for future research. This will be the role of Multagri, which will reinforce and promote sustainable agriculture and integrated rural development by building on the results of such research.

The results of existing research will be developed through six stages.:

1. Evaluating the state-of-the-art of current research.

2. Further analysis and understanding of ongoing research work.

3. Identifying the main institutions and networks involved in this type of research, both inside and outside Europe, and paying special attention to new EU member countries.

4. Identifying the different disciplines and scientific approaches that are generating knowledge and conceptual backgrounds in this area.

5. Providing a conceptual and analytical framework that allows for the identification of approaches and topics for further research.

6. Formulating recommendations for a future research agenda concerning the multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas.

Six research issues

There is already a broad and diverse range of scientific disciplines, research approaches and social practices that are relevant to a state-of-the-art review of research. Six thematic axes of research have been identified in order to structure these and guide the development of recommendations for promising lines of future research, within the wider topic of multifunctional and sustainable agriculture:

i) Definitions, references and interpretations of the concept of multifunctionality and its contribution to sustainable development.

ii) Consumer and societal demands

iii) Knowledge, models, techniques, tools and indicators for examining the multifunctionality of agriculture.

iv) Multifunctionality of activities, plurality of identities, and new institutional arrangements.

v) Setting-up and management of public policies with multifunctional purpose: connecting agriculture with new markets and services and rural SMEs

vi) Evaluation of policies with respect to multifunctionality of agriculture: observation tools and support for policy formulation and evaluation.

Impact, results and dissemination

The results of Multagri will contribute to a better understanding amongst policy makers, stakeholder groups, scientists and society at large, of the current and potential impacts of EU policies on the economic, environmental and social sustainability of agriculture and rural development.

The Multagri project will
-organise several European workshops strengthening European research capacity in this area ;
-deliver free access to its scientific reports on the website ;
-contribute to the development of a future research agenda through by a concluding international seminar.